With the game reviews and know more about the Madden NFL mobile game

Madden NFL mobile game

One of the most famous electronic adaptations of a sport is Madden NFL. The game is developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA) and is endorsed by John Madden, a former NFL coach and current hall of famer. The game has sold more than 120 million copies and currently has a revenue stream of $4 billion. Thanks to unique features such as highly sophisticated playbooks, player statistics and realistic voice commentary, Madden NFL has received critical and commercial acclaim. Seeing as we live in the era of smart devices, the game has been adapted for smartphones and tablets as well. For these devices, the Madden Mobile version was created. Here is how to find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Madden Mobile games.

Sources of Madden Mobile game customer reviews

  • Online game stores

Smart devices today have specific operating system platforms running inside them. The main platforms today are Android, Windows and iOS. Each of these has an online store where you can download games for free or buy them. Examples of these are Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Each of the games on offer for example Madden Mobile has a section filled with user reviews. They feature textual opinion further indicated by ratings using stars. Seeing as the reviewers who post here have signed in through verified email accounts, their opinions are real and based on hands-on experience. Therefore, you can find helpful customer reviews in the dedicated download platforms. Simply log into one and perform a search to find information about a game of your choice.

  • Niche websites

There are websites which discuss all things gaming. They are constructed by game developers, online gaming stores or dedicated enthusiasts. These sites contain links to information about the latest video games. Here you can find links to game pages containing download links, review data and critical scores. Highly colorful and interactive, the websites are reliable sources of review ratings of games such as Madden Mobile. How can you get to them? Simply perform a relevant query in one of the popular search engines. It will provide a list of sites which you can explore to find reviews of any game you want.

The game developer’s website

Every game has a developer company behind it. For Madden Mobile, it is Electronic Arts (EA). The company has an official website containing details about its game titles. Here, you can find professional customer reviews and ratings submitted by those who have played the games. The reviews often contain visual material such as images and videos for the purpose of interaction. As such, they are well thought out, accurate and represent the customers’ true experiences. Scouring the developer websites is a solution for how to find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Madden Mobile games.


There are many sources of customer reviews and ratings for Madden Mobile. Some of them have been described above. In some cases, the developers find complaints about the game experience. Having done so, they post links to solutions right below the reviews. As such, you are likely to come across negative reviews and their solutions all in one spot.

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