A beginner’s guide to playing RuneScape Part of combat

RuneScape combat guide

RuneScape is mainly a massively multiplayer game played using online role-playing which is based on fantasy and is made by the British developers named as Jagex game studio. This game has millions of users and it has created a dedicated fan base. It is the most popular as well as the addictive game.

Here the player will be starting in a fantasy world of the Gielinor. So the players can easily interact with many non-players or other character, objects etc. It will depend on the player whether they want to participate or not. In this game, the player will decide their fate by choosing their actions.

runescape combat skills

A guide to the Runescape game combat

As Gielinor is quite a dangerous place as well as you can find many adventurous jobs to do here. So let’s see what the combat in this game is.

  • Combat Academy: You can easily play the game freely. This is the place where you can easily learn all the outs as well as INS of the combats and earn many combat XP. For enrolling you will have to speak to the lady deathknell who will be outside the lumbridge.
  • Slayer: Only the members can play this combat. Here you will have to take some task from the Slayer master as well as travel the entire world and use the special gears for slaying the entire deadliest beast. To begin this you will have to speak to the turael in the traveler.
  • Pest control: Only the members can play this combat. The players will have to joint all the void nights by holding back the entire relentless Incursion. You will have to gain the rights order to use all the weapons and armor.
  • Abandoned mine: Heaving with all the trolls is like itching for the scrap. It is one of the best places to start the combat training.
  • Get OSRS gold: When you win in the battle (there are rewarded players battle quests or other battle rewards) you will be rewarded with OSRS gold. Using your rewards in a reasonable way will strengthen your character and make it easier to win in battle.

There will be a minimap that will help you in your adventure by making all the areas visible to you. As in RuneScape, you won’t find any different classes and each of the characters will have their own ability for accessing all the combat styles and skills. You need to strategize properly for winning this game. Before you start to play this game learn about all the characters and what kind of skill do they need to develop in this game. You can play this game on both your mobile phone and PC. There are some definite steps which you will have to perform to play it on your mobile phone.

There are many characters starting from baby troll to bandos that is the god of the war in this game. They will also be the Easter bird that is the pet here. He is considered to be the friend of Easter Bunny as he lays the chocolate eggs and gives them to the bunny. As character has a unique and important place in this game to learn all the rules properly before starting this game.

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