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amberwood animation

Amber Wood Animation & Game is mainly engaged in the production of multimedia media and the development of original animation. It devotes itself to the fields of 2D, 3D animation, virtual reality, stereoscopic film and television advertisement, and provides multimedia solutions for real estate, exhibitions, museums, electric power, telecommunication and other enterprises and institutions . Under the studio planning department, script creation department, design department, the original painting department, animation department, background department, synthesis department, music synthesis department. With independent planning, design and production of small and medium cartoons and game development capabilities.

Participate in large-scale projects

  1. In 2007 to participate in Chinese cartoon version of Journey to the West drawing
  2. In 2008 to participate in “Bunny Tony” animation
  3. 2008 production of “egg story”
  4. 2009 involved in the production of domestic animation “Wang Xiaomao” “Star Cat”
  5. 2009 involved in the production of foreign cartoons “more than meters,” “Goldfish” “nano-Superman”
  6. In 2009 to participate in “Mech War” game production

Planning Director

Amber Xu, male, born in Binzhou, Shandong.
Senior animator, graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Department of Visual Communication animation professional. Beijing Yi Ming Spirit Culture Media Co., Ltd. senior planning director.

Design Director

Zhang Wen, young painter, well-known illustrator. He studied painting at an early age and graduated from the Graphic Arts Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. He is a member of Watercolor Association of Liaoning Province. Beijing Yi Ming Spirit Media Co., Ltd. Design Director.

Winning entries

  • In 1997, he welcomed the return of Hong Kong to the 100-meter long scroll and the gouache “Returning from Yours” selected 100 paintings and was hand-made to welcome the first prize of returning to Hong Kong greeting cards.
  • In 2001, he participated in Liaoning Province Northeast Tiger Cup Painting Competition, gouache “disappeared scenery” won the bronze award, sketching “angel’s call” won the excellence award.
  • In 2004 to participate in Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Competition prize two

The original artist

Zhai Xichuan, graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts public art decoration.